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. >> and talk about the presidency, then you turn in and get what joe was talking about with george w. bush who can't think -- says he can't think of one. everyone in their own lives knows that you make mistakes all the time. all of us tell ourselves a story to explain those mistakes. >> john, the whole thing, he wasn't admitting a mistake. he was taking a perceived weakness of him, all fluff and no substance, and turning it upside down. he is saying i'm the guy getting the job you done but sorry -- i don't think there was weakness in that. >> he does believe this is a mistake. he's not playing a game here. >> jump in. >> joe? >> jon meacham, i want to follow up and underline what you said. i remember one time, again because i'm a dork, i was very young at the time, but i remember following the 1976 republican primary campaign. ronald reagan was asked a question out on the campaign trail, his response, i don't know. >> yeah. >> and everybody just sat there for a second and then they started applauding. it was some of reagan's people said it was a -- it was just a special moment that connected h
be appointed attorney general by president george w. bush. in february 2001, in his first joint address to congress, president george w. bush said that racial profiling is, quote, wrong, and we will end it in america. end of quote. we take the title of today's hearing from the promise president bush made that night 11 years ago. in june, 2001, our former colleague, senator russ fine fwoe gold of wisconsin, held the senate's second and most recent hearing on racial profiling. i was there. there was bipartisan agreement about the need to end racial profiling. then came 9/11. in the national trauma that followed, civil liberties came face to face with national security. arab americans, american muslims, south asian americans faced national origin and religious profiling. to take one example, the special registration program targeted arab and muslim visitors, requiring them to promptly register with the ins or face deportation. at the time, i called for the program to be terminated. there were serious doubts if it would help us in any way to combat terrorism. terrorism experts have since co
's support of same-sex marriage, and also said he has a soft spot for george w. bush because of what he did for aids. but he added, quote, i'm glad he's not in power anymore. and george w. bush himself seems to agree. he told the hoover institute it was awesome being president for eight years but he doesn't miss it. bush said he has, quote, no desire for fame and power anymore. he said, quote, i crawled out of the swamp and i'm not crawling back in. and that is your morning dish of scrambled politics. >>> now here's your "first look" at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 12,805 after rising 78 points yesterday. the s&p gained 10, the nasdaq added 13. taking a look at overseas trading this morning, in tokyo the nikkei was down 28 points while in hong kong the hang seng tumbled 215. stocks rose tuesday after fed chair ben bernanke told congress the central bank would consider ways to stimulate growth if the economy further weakens. bernanke's lack of specifics before a senate committee drove stocks lower in early trade. he did say the economy is suffering but eventually j
earned 88% of the african-american vote against george w. bush. >>> still, some members of the audience gave romney credit for simply taking the time to address the convention. but that doesn't mean the audience agreed with what he was saying. >> i'm going to eliminate every nonessential expensive program i can find. that includes obama care, and i'm going to work to reform and save -- [ crowd booing ] >> romney said he anticipated a tough response from the crowd and following the speech, he told a group of donors quote, your friends who like obama care, you remind them of this -- if they want more stuff from the government, tell them to go vote for the other guy. more free stuff. but don't forget, nothing is really free. it has to be paid for by people in the private sector creating goods and services, end quote. the obama campaign said in statement at the naacp leaders in the african-american community recognize the devastating impact mitt romney's policies would have on working families. >>> a new campaign ad from the obama campaign accuses romney of supporting tax breaks for special
party here in the united states. going back over the last ten years, since george w. bush forged a very close relationship with former british prime minister tony blair, with whom he was not an ideological soul mate. here was an opportunity for mitt romney and david cameron, peas in a pod politically, both conservatives to try and establish some kind of alliance that could take them both forward. and instead, mitt romney has found himself causing david cameron to come out and push back on this issue of the olympics, because as chris ship knows, better i think than any of us, david cameron's own credibility is at stake over the success or failure of these olympic games. >> well, let's look at romney trying to clean up the mess. but i do want to remind our viewers here in the states of what david cameron did to take a shot at him in the morning. let's take a look at this morning on the "today" show, our big morning show here. mitt romney tried to end the static he had stirred up with a "nightly news" interview he did with brian williams. he did it by complimenting now. he has switched in
last three presidents would be mitt romney, barack obama and george w. bush, three men who personally have very little love for politics, very little love for the sport of it all, very little love or understanding of the grand sweep of history, unlike say a bill clinton or a ronald reagan or an fdr. there just doesn't seem to be the joy in these guys either on the campaign trail or when they're governing. they seem to be -- well, at least the two that are running this time technocrats. >> they're competitive without being cheerful. i any what mark just said is exactly right, that politicians get in trouble when they act as though they're pundits or color commentators. you think about obama -- wandered into the truth but that editorial meeting in washington state in 2008 when he said reagan was transformative but clinton wasn't. >> nevada. >> reno. >> however true that might be, it was the wrong way to say it. >> you can't say it as a presidential candidate. >> the thing that really struck me about looking at romney in london was his lack of agility. it was this incredibly stiff presen
george w. bush after 9/11. which, i think were solid statements of constitutional principle. particularly when it came to those adherence of the muslim faith, that our war is not against this islamic religion, but against those who would corrupt it, distort it, and misuse it in the name of terrorism. and i thank you for your testimony. congressman judy chu represents the 32nd district in california, since 2009. she was the first chinese american woman ever elected to american congress. she chairs the congressional asian pacific caucus, colonel served in the california state assembly, and we're honored you're here today. please proceed. >> thank you, senator. as chair of the congressional asian pacific american caucus, i'm grateful for the opportunity to speak here today, about ending racial profiling in america. asian americans and pacific islanders like other minority communities have spent the significant effects of racial profiling lout american history. from the chinese exclusion act to the japanese american internment and the post-9/11 racial profiling of arabs, muslims, and south af
work quite well for george h. w. bush, attacking michael dukakis' jobs record in massachusetts saying he claimed there was a massachusetts miracle, it wasn't living up to -- to -- to the numbers. same things with bain capital here. if he is running as somebody who create jobs, we found real humans who lost their jobs because of decisions he made. make it so people don't trust him to build the economy and then they are given a choice for president they are toll rating and somebody who can't be trusted to reverse the trend. >> so okay, i want to pick up with something it is kind of an x factor that few people are talking about. you, dave, have in a recent post how the third party can have a major impact even with just a few votes. you cite the elections with both al gore and john mccain. talk about that and how third party candidates can swing the electoral college. >> well, if we are looking at an election where the incumbent is trying to disqualify the challenger, part of that -- people are just going to be dissatisfied with both candidates. in 2008 they liked those candidates n 2004,
can always blame the staff. of course, there might be personal reticence on his part. george h.w. bush was famously averse to using the i-word. there may be a little of that. it might be that the republicans put the white house on the defensive. you remember when he made the call on osama bin laden and announced that we had gotten bin laden in a low key kind of way. the republicans immediately jumped on him and accused him of taking a victory lap and doing unseemly things and politicizing. it might be that the media is not giving him enough credit for telling the story that he has told. i don't disagree that he hasn't done a good enough job but not enough credit for telling a story. when the president comes out and says we passed this bill and here are a lot of the good things it's going to do, it doesn't make the news the way the president is a communist and he's going to give us death panels -- and by the way i'm wearing a funny hat. that tends to lead the news. >> steve mcmahon, he did a good job telling stories in 2008 and seems to have lost the mojo on substantive matters. let's g
really going to beat president obama? >> reporter: 20 years ago, incumbent president george h.w. bush apologized after referring to the clinton-gore ticket as the two bozos. he told me he was conjuring the voice of democrats who don't take romney serious enough and added he regards romney as formidable candidate. >> john: there was an unusual fundraising pitch by the president today. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: he was aboard air force one friday night returning to the capital. he used a special phone that the campaign pays for to speak to group of prior donors. the truth is that the early money is more valuable than late money the president told the donors. it's fair to say if we wait to the last minute we could be in for a rude surprise. "i have gray hair," he added. "people are disappointed because they had a vision of change happening immediately and turns out it's hard." one of the callers recorded the conversation. >> john: we are hearing about travel arrangements for romney? >> he was slated to attend the summer olympics in london. we have confirmed that he pla
-frank legislation and the case being put forward by c. boyden gray, who served in the george w. bush administration. our phone lines are open. you can join the conversation on our twitter page or send us an e-mail. what is the constitutional argument that you are putting forth that this is not constitutional? guest: our argument is that there is no oversight for this huge bureaucracy. the president, once he appoints the director, will no longer have influence on what the director does, and not have a check on his or her power. the congress has no financial responsibility because the bureau is paid for by the fed, which is beyond congress control with its budget, and they can do whatever the concern all -- consumer bureau wants to do with the 18 statutes that have been handed to them, implemented by the fed or the trade commission, where several other agencies. -- or several other agencies. so, the whole world is turned upside down, and richard cordray can do anything he wants without any political check on what he does. it is unprecedented. there is no animal like this in the federal government, an
>>megyn: george w. bush gave an interview that some perceive as a veiled shot at former president bill clinton? i will tweet it now. what do you think? follow me on twitter. thank you for watching. here is ship smith. >>shepard: the news begins anew. on "studio b," delta passengers four separate flights, found inch long needles in sand wins they served not air. one person is reportedly hurt. the f.b.i. is on the case. >> the former vice president cheney back in the nation's capitol today reportedly to rally the g.o.p. against automatic defense cuts although republicans agreed to the cuts. and cops in iowa are now draining a lake in the search for two cousins, missing since friday. the family joined us, live, all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b" today. >> but, first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, police in alabama say they have the man they suspect of turning a crowded college bar into a bloody and chaotic mess. according to the cops, off the university alabama campus the gunman fired a military-style assault rifle into the bar through a window
president. lbj, bill clinton, or george w. bush. >> yeah. for our intelligence. the sharing of sorts in a very open way. president obama on the nation's security. i think it's a highly story record from his point of view. >> wolf, how do you scare this? you have netanyahu, who is o fusive about mitt romney. what do you make of that? >> well, both of them told me, the prime minister, the president of israel who worked in the defense establishment of israel for so many years, a former prime minister. as well as the current defense minister, who is a former prime minister of israel, both said the u.s./israeli military to military velgs ship right now. intelligence community to intelligence community relationship right now is excellent. it's as good if not better than it's ever been before. and they were extremely complimentary to president obama. both of them, and even as romney was still on basically the ground in israel. he was just getting ready to leave to fly off to poland. i was surprised by the enthusiastic praise they had for president obama, given some of the problems that pres
called herself mildly pro-choice. but the potential george w. bush hangover and not wanting the job, she would be a surprise. the other bush brother jeb remains popular with republicans especially in swing state florida. he speaks spanish fluently and he is popular with latino leaders. there is also brother george. jeb bush has moderate views of accepting the trade of higher taxes for spending. that could hurt. and as a consistent presidential favorite, he could upstage romney. another potential surprise, marco rubio. they see him as a rock star. he could help with the latino vote and at 41 bring some youthful energy. with less than two years as senator, will he pass the heartbeat away test? he could bring unwanted attention to romney's religion and his brush with foreclosure and credit card debt. finally somebody who surprises, donald trump. very unlikely here. in trade which trades stocks has trump at one cent a share. all the rest, all penny stocks. at $2.50, tim pawlenty is a penny stock. >> let's go to rich gaylin and democratic strategist chuck roacha. good morning. >> hey, chris.
out in 2000 and 2004, i think george w. bush in 2000, would -- early in the campaign it seems to me, i remember him going to one inner city stop after another inner city stop and we were all scratching our heads why are they doing it, they weren't doing it to win votes in the inner city, they were doing it to win votes in the philadelphia suburbs. >> because in the philadelphia suburbs they like a compassionate conservative which mitt romney has proved he's not this campaign. >> has he proven that? >> those primaries, i -- i think did it. but on the theory that 90% of life is showing up, it was a good thing to go. a good thing he went. he had the opportunity to show the nonindependent voter that he wasn't going to go all wobbly. the people he's still going to protect are people like him. and he -- right there in the lion's den he said i'm not going to protect you. >> jon meacham, you talked about historical trends, we both talked about how this duopoly of parties that's been around for 150 years is sure to crack, for a lot of younger americans it may be hard to believe, but african-ame
and norah that was something no one would have expected in 2005 when president george w. bush put him on the supreme court and that was something that not even the conservative justices expected back in march when the court heard arguments in this case. i am told by two sources with specific knowledge of the court's deliberations that roberts initially sided with the conservatives in this case and was prepared to strike down the heart of this law, the so-called individual mandate, of course, that requires all americans to buy insurance or pay a penalty. but roberts, i'm told by my sources, changed his views decideing to instead join with the liberals. he withstood-- i'm told by my sources-- a month-long desperate campaign by the conservative justices to bring him back to the fold and that campaign was led, ironically, by justice anthony kennedy and why that's ironic is because it was justice kennedy that conservatives feared would be the one most likely to defect but their effort, of course, was unsuccessful, roberts didn't budge, the conservatives wrote that astonishing joint dissent
and former chief strategist for george w. bush mark mckenna join us "outfront" tonight. i want to play a clip of an impressive attack by ohio's own john boehner. let's take a listen. >> i think the president's attack on the private sector in america is exactly what's wrong with this administration. doesn't give a damn about middle class americans who are out there looking for work. what he's trying to do is distract the american people in order to win his own reelection. >> tell us how you really feel there, john. let's talk about the importance of ohio. take a look at the current cnn electoral map. in this scenario, obama seems likely to start with 247 electoral votes. romney expected to get 206. 85 are a toss-up. suddenly obama is within five electoral votes of winning. roland, there's a reason obama has made eight trips to ohio so far this year. romney's made ten. what do you think president obama needs to do to win over the main street middle class voters in the buckeye state? >> actually if you go back to 2009, the two states he was immediately going to were ohio as well as north carolin
, for george w. bush, how do you explain why governor romney hasn't put out more of his tax returns? >> i have seen this with candidates and i saw this with dwi with president bush, that came out late in the campaign. and a number of other candidates that i worked for. i think it's two things. first, obviously, there's something there. if not he would say, have at it. that compromises what he said in the past about something. but i think the bigger thing is, it's arrogance. many of these politicians think, i can get away with it. i don't have to do this. that in the end is the problem that sort of walk into these, i don't have to do this, i can address in some other way. if everything was fine, he would have been out there. >> i want to get to donna, you're nodding your head. >> mitt romney released all that's necessary for people to understand something about my finances, end quote. something is a pregnant word. the cost of not releasing the returns are clear, therefore, he must have calculated that there are higher costs in releasing them. >> and he's going to tough it out. >> drip, drip, th
president george w. bush's first term it was meant to help the nation's poor and minority children by imposing tough consequences on schools that did not meet certain performance goals. but critics, including president obama no child left behind forced some teach to the test states that promise prepare students for the exam. today wisconsin and washington state got exemption. on a day when the word jobs is ringing in the ears of many americans, starbucks issues an alert. it's adding jobs to the u.s. see how the king of coffee drinks plans to do that and the man who admitted killing florida teenager travon martin out of jail tonight. george zimmerman out on bail for a second time. we're learning about the rules he must now follow and what's next in the case. stay close. people have doubts about taking aspirin for pain. but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin. in fact, in a recent survey, 95% of people who tried it agreed that it relieved their headache fast. visit today for a special trial offer. visit this i
they believe caused the crash. former president george w. bush is in africa this week promoting a health initiative that aims to fight cancer on the continent. he and former first lady laura bush have been working on renovations for a screening center in the nation of sam buy sam -- zam buy susan b. komen for the cure and the u.s. government. the wild police chase has just ended in california. next, how the cops got off by the what driver was doing before she sped away. a home run ball hit more than 80 years ago could soon help a future doctor. the piece of america's past time that is set to make life a lot easier for one student. next. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8. multi-policy discount. paperless discount. paid-in-full discount. [yawning] homeowner's discount. safe driver discount. chipmunk family reunion. someone stole the nuts. squirrel jail. justice! countless discounts. now that's progressive. call or click to
>> i sang once for president george w. bush. and, really, it's tough. >> you knew all the words -- >> i did not mess up the words. but it's easy to do it. >> would you sing that for snus. >> maybe someday -- no. >> is there a videotape of that. >> that's not. >> we have to go. "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. >>> the house passes a bill for the 33rd time that has absolutely no shot of going anywhere. one lawmaker says he has a solution to fix congress. but is it really a solution or just another no-go gimmick? we'll ask him. >>> mitt romney gets booed in front of a large audience. was this a miscalculation on his part to even take the stage? >>> and the pentagon releases a report saying iran is dramatically upping the capability of some of its conventional weapons. let's go "outfront." >>> good evening. i'm tom foreman filling in for erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, fiddling in washington while bankruptcy burns across the nation. san bernardino, california, is the latest american town unable to pay its bills. the math is $46 million in debt. they've made drastic cuts i
. when you reduce taxes, as john f. kennedy did, as ronald reagan did, as george w. bush did, and in fact, the bush tax cuts resulted in a 13% increase in revenue. the president knew that. he said that if you keep money in the private sector, it is not the government put the money, it is the people's money. if people keep the money, they could invest, hire more people. i believe tax cuts clearly create jobs, which then increases revenue and the bush tax cuts prove that point. i would be happy to get that information to you. do not hesitate to contact my office a i am telling the truth. host: barbara. south dakota. independent line. caller: good was just curious, e elected as a representative, senator, or congressman, i understand you are part of either the democratic or republican party, but once you are elected, is it not your duty to represent both parties, the democratic and republican, because you are our elected official? is it not your responsibility to look at both sides and take the best pieces from both sides and decide what is went to work best for the people that live in this c
trillion national debt. but our program under george w. bush -- the tarp program under george w. bush, the federal reserve printed $15 trillion to pass that budget. this money going out the back door from this government agency, nothing going to happen. is my comment. host: on twitter, john in north carolina finishes that sentence -- he says perhaps boring $400 million a day might being a little disruptive in the long run. maverick says we should have spending cuts because america cannot afford the bush tax cuts which is paid for by borrowing. finally, another comment, but of course, spending cuts that will definitely happen are the cutting and repeal of obamacare. now our next caller. caller: spending cuts should not happen. government is everywhere. i mean that in a good way. in the structure -- in philadelphia we had a water main break because the infrastructure is never maintained. people believe they want to return to the wild west. there was very little government, but people died at the age of 40, there was tribalism, the nomophobia was everywhere. people say that they want to
. >> stephanie: speaking of george w. bush guess who will be skipping the convention in tampa. >> george w. bush. >> i got -- >> stephanie: his spokesman says he supports governor romney which is probably why he's staying away. scat. cnn survey found bush to be the only living president with a fayeable rating below 50%. [ wah wah ] >> that takes some doing. >> stephanie: yeah. okay. all right. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] meanwhile, president obama and the -- warned mitt romney would be squeezing more money out of seniors by turning medicare into a voucher program. romney accused obama of putting his needs against those -- putting his needs above those of the nation. what? huh? i don't understand most of romney's attack. what? president broadened his attack on support for the house plan that would change medicare from a fee for service program into one where future returns -- helpful vouchers. >> here's $20. go cure your cancer. >> caught rise your -- cauterize your wounds with coupons. >> stephanie: is that
? >> former president george h.w. bush and barbara won't be attending the convention in tampa next month. the 88-year-old former president uses a wheelchair due to disease limiting his mobility. he attended every convention since 1980 when he was tapped to be ronald reagan's running mate. >>> torrential rains are hammering parts of china, toppling thousands of homes, reportedly killing at least 8. they managed to relocate 3,000 residents in one province. more teams are coming to help. >>> next week, summer olympic games in london bring challenges for athletes competing, especially for this woman who not only is the first female shooter to represent mal asia, she will be eight months pregnant when she does it. "the new york times" reports she had a few physical problems in training. she is just hoping, though, that the baby doesn't kick as she's pulling the trigger. >> all right, thank you. >>> happening now, the ugly truth behind the newest and nastiest presidential campaign ads. >>> more than half the u.s. wilting from the worst drought in years. >>> and we talk to the man with an amazi
on american voters? with us now, former senior advisor and deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush karl rove. he is also a fox news contributor. karl, it strikes me that at a time when iran is in, you know, reach of a nuclear weapon perhaps, you've got syria blowing up, you've got all kind of attacks on u.s. forces in afghanistan and the problems that could be attendant with that the presidential candidates are talking about things like offshore bank accounts. is this the kind of campaign that we want to be running? are they talking about the major issues out there? >> reporter:. >> well you talked about foreign policy think about issues at home. we had a bad jobs report. jon: right. >> dropping consumer confidence. yesterday retail sales declined, the biggest decline i think in three years. we have a lot of issues. growing debt, $4 billion a day added to the national debt. you're right, this campaign is at at point where we've got a series of charges about governor romney that are, that have already been undermined by the media itself. we've got the romney campaign trying to chang
kaniewski was a disaster response adviser to president george w. bush. he handled the recovery after hurricane katrina and says events like this week's storm exposed weaknesses in infrastructure as several power companies are still struggling to bring residents back online. >> sustained power outages are among the top concerns of homeland security officials. i know for a fact this type of scenario keeps them awake at night. >> now, with all these outages, many people are asking the question, why are these power lines aboveground vulnerable to trees? why not put them belowground? >> the simple answer is cost. up to $15 million per mile to make that change totaling billions of dollars in this area alone, a cost passed along to the people who live here. jeff, erica, back to you. >> whit, thanks. >>> there is new fire daenger in the west this morning. a brushfire in palmdale, california north of los angeles erupted overnight and is spreading across a rural area. at this point the fire is moving away from homes. >>> meanwhile in colorado, fires continue to burn throughout that state but t
, democratic or republican have not rushed to jerusalem once they are in office. for example, george w. bush was a great supporter of israel. bill: indeed. >> but went there only once and if his second term not his first. bill: point taken. marvin kaleb thank you out of washington. heather: have you heard about this massive black out in northern india. the power grid collapses bringing trains to a stop, forcing hospitals and airports to use generators, and leaving millions of people sweltering in the summer heat. david piper streaming live for us from bangkok, hi land. what caused this and when will power be restored? >> there are hundreds of millions of indians suffering today because they haven't got even all the power back on yet. the real reason for it they don't know. some suggestion is that some of the states are taking too much power off the grid and that's why it crashed. but they've launched a parliamentary inquiry now. the indian government has said in the last hour, they say 85% of the power is back on, a lot of questions are being asked because the capitol of del of deli has had
debate. stay with me, we'll be right back. : >>megyn: george w. bush gave an interview that some perceive as a veiled shot at former president bill clinton? i will tweet it now. what do you think? follow me on twitter. thank you for watching. here is ship smith. >>shepard: the news begins anew. on "studio b," delta passengers four separate flights, found inch long needles in sand wins they served not air. one person is reportedly hurt. the f.b.i. is on the case. >> the former vice president cheney back in the nation's capitol today reportedly to rally the g.o.p. against automatic defense cuts although republicans agreed to the cuts. and cops in iowa are now draining a lake in the search for two cousins, missing since friday. the family joined us, live, all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b" today. >> but, first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, police in alabama say they have the man they suspect of turning a crowded college bar into a bloody and chaotic mess. according to the cops, off the university alabama campus the gunman fired a military-style assault
of people supposedly disenfranchised included george w. bush, senator k bailey hutchison and phil gramm and even a senator from the state of texas who testified from the witness stand. we showed at trial the data relied upon by the department of justice was hopelessly flawed. >> i want to say something that they said the naacp convection where they likened the voter law to jim crowe poll taxes. here is what he said. >> many of those without id's would have to travel great distances to get them. some would struggle to pay for the documents they might need to obtain them. we call those poll taxes. >> in a short amount of time we have left i want to get your response to that and to two texas state senators who testified before the district court saying these laws were, quote, racially motivated. what do you say? >> first of all one of those senators who testified of that said he had lied previously already, and so his testimony can't be taken to account, but as it earns c eric holder -- as it concerns eric holder, he doesn't know what his own witness testified to. eric holder's witness sai
in the state. go back to '04, john kerry carried it barely when george w. bush was carrying it in 2000. one other key place to watch look at '08, there are many swing counties but look at this blue. cincinnati. president obama carried hamilton county. for republicans to win statewide in a close election, watch that county down there. i'll give you a highlight for it. for republicans to win in a close statewide election, they need cincinnati. that's president bush in '04. that's president bush in 2000. even in '96 bob dole won down there. you're going to see a lot of the romney campaign in the cincinnati area. they know how important it is. >> when you point out in the beginning as you accurately do, no republican has won the white house in modern times without carrying ohio. let me ask you this question, i guess it's three retically possible, but is it likely that romney could win the race for the white house even without ohio? >> that is what i'll call the big yeah, but, question in american politics. can he? yes, can he realistically? most likely no. let me show you why. map as we see it
of a soft support for former president george w. bush. >>> also, 6-year-old suri cruise, we've seen her out and about with her mother katie holmes. has she become an unwitting pawn in a public relations campaign. should the press back off? that's one thing to discuss with "today's" professionals. >>> later we'll show you what happened when president obama and the first lady ended up on the dreaded kiss cam not once but twice last night at an exhibition basketball game. yes, they finally did kiss. >> one of the most embarrassing moments you could ever have. let's begin with a story a lot of people are talking about this morning. the sewing needles found in u.s. flights from amsterdam resulted in at least one injury. correspondent pete williams has the latest on that. hi, pete. >> reporter: matt, hi. this is a strange and disturbing discovery. ordinary sewing needles like this one found in five turkey sandwiches on a delta flight sunday. fortunately no one was seriously hurt. all the flights were delta, amsterdam to thee u.s. cities, minneapolis, seattle, two to atlanta. four discovered by pa
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